4 Reasons Why Your Logo Is a Central Component of Your Business Brand

Upon having the best quality products, you need to create awareness of their presence in the marketplace. Marketing is a crucial factor for any entrepreneur looking to succeed or to create professional logos However, marketing alone does not guarantee you, consistent customers.

For you to achieve this, you must embark on branding your business. The branding activities involve the use of visual and written messages disseminating information about your company and product. One of the visual aspects is the logo. For some entrepreneurs, logo generation seems like a time-wasting affair. They think that having a great brand and products is all you need to cut in the market.

Is this true or the logo is crucial in your branding? To help you get the answer to this question, here are reasons for having a business logo:

The brand is about image creation

Certainly, the main reason you are branding your business is to help you create a lasting image in your customer’s mind. You desire to see the customers remembering your business and coming for more products. While you aim to create emotion in your customers, you must offer them a symbol or imagery they can associate with it. Particularly in the visually driven era, your customers desire a picture that will inform them about your business products and brands.

In this essence, your logo is the unifying factor of your business image. It is the pillar where your customers can build a reputation on. Hence, whether you come up with groundbreaking slogans or a super business name, if you fail at identifying a winning logo, your branding activities will go amiss. In a simple language, the logo is the pillar of branding.

Memorability is the way to a brand that stands out

People can forget a lot of things, but an image they saw is easy to get it out of their mind. According to research, 40% of people memorize images and graphics. In interpreting this statement, it means that 40% of the audience receiving your branding messages will only remember the pictures you presented to them. So, if your message lacks an image, you are confident that the same percentage will not remember your brands when you exit the venue.

For this reason, having a logo is the secret to retaining a long-term memorability in your customers. Also, it will safeguard you from losing the 40% of your potential customers at the end of your branding campaigns.

A logo offers you a competitive advantage

One reason for running a branding campaign is to win more customers on your side. This way, you stand out and get a step ahead of your competitors. If you do not know, your logo might be the only reason a customer is purchasing your products. Regardless of whether you are sweet talking or promising great outcome from your products, for these customers the logo design is the final. Hence, if you fail in having a great logo, your branding messages may not be enough to get the customer on your boat.   

One way of building brand loyalty

Customers stay on a brand for long if they continue having trust and loyalty on them. To gain customers trust, you must offer them a symbol that they can associate with your brand. A well-designed logo is a show of brand completeness and stability. When a customer comes across it, they can tell with certainty that what you are offering is the best quality. Hence, to boost your branding affairs, you need a logo that is attractive and wooing.

In a word, branding is about reputation building. Your logo is the pillar for building this reputation. Thus, it is a crucial aspect of your branding campaigns.  

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