Boys enjoying Bachelor party with drinking games

Bachelor Party Drinking Game Ideas 2022

A Bachelor party implies drinking and partying all night with your friends. It enables the aspiring groom to enjoy his last days of carefree living. You may even spice up the party with a few games that will help the group chuckle. The bachelor party activities lighten the mood, especially for the groom who is about to enter a new world.

Adding games to the party will undoubtedly increase the fun factor. You can organize a lot of games for your bachelor party. If you need assistance in this area, read on. We’ve compiled a selection of bachelor party games.

Guys naturally drink. Drink until you’re foolish and cranky at a bachelor party. Assume no one is rational or in command. Make the groom or best man drink an entire bottle in one go. If you’re going out, dare the groom to get a drink from a lady. Here we have listed some of the drinking games which you can enjoy at a bachelor party.

Drinking Games for Bachelor Party

Boat Race:

It’s like a drunken relay race, so line up in the order you want to drink. The first person to drink starts the race, and the following person cannot start until their glass is empty (you can go for turning glasses upside down on heads as proof if you like).

The boat race winner is the group that finished their drink the fastest.

Beer Pong:

Beer pong is a popular game that is sure to get you drunk. Ten plastic cups are arranged in a triangle at each table end—12 cups of your favourite alcoholic beverage. Take turns throwing ping pong balls into the cups at the other end of the table.

If you get a ball in a cup, the opposing team has to drink it. The first team to remove all cups from the other end wins.

Drunk Jenga:

You’ve undoubtedly played it before, without the alcohol. Players take turns pulling wooden blocks from a tower, removing a block while leaving the tower standing. You lose if the tower falls. Soak up the “loser drink,” a blend of all available drinks. You can mix beer with wine, vodka, whiskey, etc.


Shot roulette is perfect for pregaming before a night out. The rules of this game vary, but the most common version contains a roulette wheel and several shots for each space. On each round, a player spins the wheel and drinks the shot.

Bachelor party with drinking game

Flip Cup:

A limitless (or at least 30-rack) of pleasure awaits you in Flip Cup, the gymnast cousin of beer pong. Divide the gathering into two teams and line up on either side of a large table or counter. Fill a plastic cup with beer for each player. Starting at one end, participants will guzzle the beer, and then use their fingertips to flip the cups 360 degrees and aim to land them right-side-up. After a player lands a flip, the next in line does the same.

The first team to cross the finish line wins. You can also play elimination style; removing players who couldn’t flip in three tries until only one remains. You can fit a workout into your hectic stag party agenda.

I Never:

Make a “never” statement. For example, “I never drink and drive.” Anyone who has done what you say drinks. If no one does, drink. Everyone gets a turn. Also, this bachelor party game enables you to discover about each other.

Swearing Match:

This is one of those bachelor party games that will remove all inhibitions (if any) and bring out everyone’s wacky side! Of all, it takes more than just swearing to be creative. You’ll need a timer, and a scorecard.

Set your stopwatch to 30 seconds. Aim for as many swears as possible in that time frame. But they must invent their own swear words! The most inventive swear words win a shot!

Dare Me:

This is one of the most popular bachelor party games and should be the night’s finale! When the groom and his groomsmen are in a good mood, everyone enjoys the “I dare you” game! You need booze and creative minds!

Dare the groom to do odd things like “use the women’s restroom” or “ask a stranger for her number,” and if he succeeds, everyone drinks!

King Loaded:

This popular drinking game requires the same name card deck. And booze! Like Drunken Jenga, each player pours some of their drink into a glass in the table’s middle.

Then you’d follow the directions for each card.

  • Pour your drink into the center cup.
  • Heaven: everyone points up, last one drinks
  • Choose a partner for a shot. et cetera
  • Withdrawal of 4th King ends round.

Bottle Spin:

Don’t worry; you won’t be smooching any of the party guests. Assemble a circle of shots and glasses. Empty a bottle in the center. Guys take turns turning the bottle and drinking whatever it points towards.