The Best Places Where You Can Download Free Logo Templates

Developing a logo for your company might sound like a hard task. But with the below sites for logo templates you will be in a position to create a logo and customize it. You can download these free logo templates, change them and then use it for your business needs. You can design a simple logo or add fonts, colors and images to make it more unique. If you want to get a free logo quickly and efficiently, then you should use the below sites for downloading free logo templates.

Free logo

You will get free and unique logo templates at free logo You can get logo templates in the following categories: construction, hosting, flowers, games, education, and 3D. You will have to click on several download buttons for you to get the logo template though you are not required to enter your private information or create an account for you to download the template.

Freepiks free logo template

At freepik, you will get more than 6000 logo templates which are separated into two categories PSD templates and Vector templates. The logo templates in the vector category are mostly business cards though you can find other logos. The logo templates which are used in this website are free to use either for personal use or commercial use. Also, you don’t need to have an account on this site for you to download the free logo templates.

Canvas free logo templates

This website has 22 pages which consist of free logo templates. You can search through the pages by logotypes which include café, education, computer, restaurant and design and other categories. Also, you can use the interface at Canvas to edit the logo with the fonts and colors that you want.

Templateshocks free logo templates

Template shock is another website where you can download free logo templates. You will get more than 100 logo templates, but not all of them are free. Logo templates which have a green download button are the ones which are free to download. Before downloading a template from the site, there is a page where you can view the logo template to see how it look like.


All of these websites offer free logo templates which can be downloaded. You can pick any of them for making a logo that has a unique design. After you are done viewing the templates, you choose the one you like best and download it.

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