Couples Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Health

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise. It helps in stretching and lengthening the muscles, but it also helps relax the body. It makes the mind stress-free and helps to find inner calm and satisfaction. Practicing yoga alone feels like traditional yoga. To enjoy and have fun while performing yoga, one can do it with friends and loved ones.

It helps to build faith and conveying with whom yoga has been practiced. A person should feel comfortable as everyone has different comfort levels and flexibility. So, a person should not force the body to stretch more as it can lead to injury. While practicing yoga, if a person feels the pain, they should stop immediately and seek a doctor advice. 

Before starting the partner yoga poses, first, a person should need to warm up their muscles. Stretching the cold muscles would lead to injury. After doing warm-up muscles become warm, and this helps in trying the body quickly. The exercises should be performed during warm-up like heel kicks, skipping, or jogging to make the blood pump around the body. There are many partner yoga poses 

like partner forward fold pose, seated cat-cow poses, chair pose, twin tree pose, double downward dog pose, and many more. 

1. Twin Tree Pose 

To do this yoga pose, first, a person should stand next to each other shoulder to shoulder with the feet around hip-width apart. Both of them should stable their feet inside the leg on the floor. After that, spread the toes and should hold their weight through the whole of the foot. Then slowly lift the other leg, bend the knees and place the sole against either side of the lower leg.

One should avoid placing the foot against the knee as it will put unnecessary pressure on the joint. Using the arms one can hold each other together out in front of them which is easier.

By performing this pose one can balance and can improve postures. It also opens up the hips. 

2. Seated Cat Cow Pose

It is a type of partner yoga pose. To do this first sit crossed legged opposite to the partner and gold onto one another’s forearms. There should be equal resistance between the partners. Shoulders should be down and back. Then both should inhale and after that slowly lift the heads and chests should be pushed out. It is a cow pose but in a seated form.

The partners should remain in this pose for a moment. After that both should exhale. When both the partners exhale the chin should be the chin should be tucked into the chest. Be in that position in which the upper back should be round. Look toward the belly button. So that back should be rounded and it should be stretched in shoulders blades.

It is a cat pose in a seating position. Wait in this position for a few seconds. Perform the cat and cow pose for a few times. This pose helps in making the core strong,hips and back to feel stretched. It also opens up the chests. 

3. Chair Pose

To do this pose, first the partners should stand back to back. Feet and Hip should be width apart. Then walk out the feet little bit and for support lean into the partners back. For stability interlace the arms with each other. After that do squats in this position only. Feet should be adjusted so that they should achieve the chair pose. Both of them should push each other to make the back stable.

This pose should be holded for a few breaths. Then slowly come back and walk the feet in. This pose helps in strengthening the quads. It also helps to improve the postures. 

4. Buddy Boat Pose

To practice this pose, the partners should sit opposite to each other. The distance between both the partners should be about half legs. Reach on the outside of the legs and should grab or hold the partner’s hand. Knees should be bended. The soles of the feet should be placed together. There should be balance between the partners of the sit bones, as opposes to sit on the pelvis.

Both of them should ensure that they both are on the sit bones by lifting the pelvis into a neutral position. Both of them should sit up straight. Both the partners should slowly straighten their legs to form the boat pose. The partners should look upwards and draw the lower backs in. The core should be engaged to attain the correct postures.

This pose helps in stretching the hamstrings and lower backs. It also helps to make the core muscles strong. 

5. Double Plank Partner Pose

To perform this pose, one person should do a regular plank, then the other partner places their hands on their partner’s ankles. Then steps up and places the top of their feet onto their partner’s shoulders. It feels difficult while doing this pose. Then the partner should lie flat on their back. Then the other partner will place the hands flat on the floor on the either sides of the base partner ankles.

Then the base partner will take hold of their partner ankles. The arms should be straight so that the top partner should be in a plank position. The abs should be squeezed tightly. This pose looks easier, but in reality, it is not so easy. This improves the overall strength and makes the core strong. 

6. Partner Forward Fold

First, a person should sit opposite to the partner, and both the legs should be wide apart, then strengthened out in front. The soles of the foot should be placed against the partners. Each other’s forearms should be holded. One of them can slowly hinge forward from the hips while the other pulls gently towards them. Be in this position until it feels stretched. This should be holded for a few breaths. This pose should be done the same as the other partner. This pose is helpful in extending the hamstrings. 

7. Temple Pose

A person should start by facing each other in a standing position. Feet, width, and Hip should be apart. Then inhale and extend the arms overhead and gently hinge forward at the hips until the hands meet with the partner. Slowly start to fold forward, bringing both the elbows, forearms, and hands so that they should rest against the partner.

Both of the partners should lay equal weights to each other. Arms and hands should be pushed so that the chest releases towards the ground. Stay in this position for a few minutes. After that, slowly walk towards each other and bring the trunk upright and release the arms down. It acts like an excellent partner pose to open up the chest and shoulders. 

8. Square Pose

First a person should be in a double plank position. The partner at the base sits up and raises its arms above the head, whereas the other partner at the top bends at the hips. So that square position should be created. For making it more interesting, do the sit ups and count it. This will make the core strong. Performing this pose helps to stretch the hamstrings, open up the shoulders and lower back. 

9. Extended Forward Leg Pose

First, a person should stand facing each other at a distance of one leg length. Raise the right leg to the partner’s left Hip. By keeping both the knees straight and foot should be flexed. Hold the partner’s ankle to keep the leg in place. To make it more exciting and challenging, one should place the portion on the partner’s shoulder.

Hold each other forearms to balance. By practicing this, one can improve balance and postures. It also helps to develop trust between the two people who are involved in this yoga pose.

There are many other couple yoga poses that are helpful in many ways like:-

1. Double Downward Dog Pose: This is a type of partner pose which is helpful in many ways. To lengthen the spine or to gain focus, one should do this pose regularly. 

2. Buddy Boat Pose: It is a type of yoga pose in which two people are required. It helps to stretch the lower back and hamstrings. It helps in strengthening the core muscles. 

3. Wheel Pose:  Thus, this pose helps in providing flexibility to the shoulders and hips. It also helps in giving a deep backbend. 

4. Flying Bow: This is a type of couple yoga pose. It provides strength to the lower body for the person at the base while opening up the chest. It helps to lengthen the spines and releases tension to the person who is at the top. 

5. Flying Handstand Scorpion Pose: By practicing this pose, one can strengthen the arms and make the core strong while opening the chest. 

Yoga is an excellent exercise to motivate themself. Many people prefer to practice yoga alone as it makes them more condensed and centralized. But some people like to do work .i.e. yoga with friends, which makes them more exciting, fun, and engaging. Partner yoga poses help in balancing. It builds trust between the partners. By practicing this yoga pose, one can lengthen its spine and can gain focus. It helps to make the core strong and provides flexibility to the body.

Some partner yoga poses help to release the tension and to become calm. Yoga is itself such a gratifying practice. By practicing yoga with a partner can make things edifying. So, one should try to practice partner yoga poses to maintain a good lifestyle and remain calm and peaceful. Make your children know the benefits of yoga and make them practice it. Do yoga and live a healthy life. 


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