How to Get Rid of Ads on Hulu? [Problem Solved]

How to Get Rid of Ads on Hulu? [Problem Solved]

With access to the internet, most entertainment these days is provided digitally with lots of convenience. People can watch their favorite TV shows and more from virtually anywhere. All you need to do is hook up a device with an internet connection and start streaming!

A few years ago, Hulu became an almost exclusive streaming platform for Americans and Japanese. However, the ads on the site will often interrupt you’re watching experience during their prime-time hours.

Hulu ads can be annoying and can sometimes harm businesses by interrupting plans or momentum. More ways to block ads exist than you would imagine, but only a few people know how to use them.

Learn to get rid of ads on Hulu on your favorite shows by reading the tips below!

Methods to Getting Rid of Ads on Hulu

If you use Hulu often, you know how frustrating it is when ads interrupt your stream. Today, you can skip, restart & switch shows easily by scheduling when all the ads will run!

Here are five life-changing ways of how to block Hulu ads. This will help you enjoy your favorite content without the distraction of advertisements.

1.  AdBlock Plus

You can resolve your ad-blocking problems by using a plugin called Adblock Plus. It blocks ads but does not actually remove them from the website.

AdBlock Plus may be a good choice for you if you aren’t looking for the most current design. It does have its own flaws, but might be worth considering if your computer is outdated or you would like to save your data usage.

Many browser plugins can filter ads like Adblock Plus. However, some videos may not play since it is filtering ads from videos. The best way to fix this is to simply disable the plugin until you are done watching content that is blocked by the plugin.

2. Blokada

If you are always on your phone, you probably use video streaming apps such as Hulu to watch videos or movies. Besides the practical aspect of this, it gives you a wide variety of ad-blocker choices. There is an effective way for removing these ads from mobile displays using apps.

A third-party Android application called Blokada can block ads when you are watching the Hulu app.

To start using Blokada, download the app & open it up. Then tap “Blacklist,” “Game over” and all ads will be blocked right away.

Blokada is a web app which helps you block ads automatically without having to configure what sites it will block or how the app works. It is lightweight, easy-to-use & quick. If you are familiar with Ad Block Plus, then you won’t find any difficulties when using this app.

3. Enounce MySpeed

Another way to unblock the ads on Hulu is by using the software, Enounce MySpeed. The software does not actually block the ad, but speeds it up. Of course, if you cannot block the ad and can’t speed it up enough, use another service instead like Ad Blocking Desktop Tools

Enounce MySpeed can do a great job to speed up Hulu ads, which saves you time by not having to wait for long.

However, despite how easy this application may appear to be there are a few catches. It costs $29.99 and will last for just 7 days which you have the option to cancel at any time if you’re not happy with the results it has provided you with.

You are able to watch your favorite shows and avoid the ads and resolve how to skip Hulu ads problem. The price is very reasonable and it will help you save time by watching your favorite shows.

4. Refresh the page

When you are searching for how to skip commercials on Hulu, Refresh the page. This is an effective way to remove commercials & not waste time installing plugins or purchasing applications. Simply refresh the screen and it will shorten the ad.

It is true that the method does not actually remove the ads. Instead, it shortens their length.

Hulu ads vary in length depending on video duration. The higher chance of ads is 4 minutes, which can give you annoyance while waiting for your streaming video or movie. To avoid this, turn on the Rewind button at the bottom right of your browser to resume viewing at any time without advertisements being played.

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5. Skip when opening two tabs

Hulu ads can be removed with a simple technical trick. To open two tabs of Hulu at the same time, you need to start with one tab and then mute the second. After doing that, go down to the ad marker and skip forward over it to reach your show quicker.

There are many ways to watch your movie while this ad plays. In the first tab, you will start with the movie. In the second, mute it and enjoy your selection.

This is a pretty effective way to avoid ads on Hulu without having to go through complicated steps. If you would like an alternative, however, look for the “Skip Ad” button.

The second tab has already played the video ads, so once it finishes playing you will resume playing from the point where it finished.

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