3 Very Simple Ways to Skip Edgenuity Videos [Quick Soulution]

3 Very Simple Ways to Skip Edgenuity Videos [Quick Soulution]

Edgenuity is an online learning platform that has been gaining a lot of attention and becoming popular for preparing students for their upcoming tests, courses & more. The app offers a linear review system that helps prepare students to do well on these important exams at the last minute. This app will help you to retain your skills and prepare for challenges in your work. It will also let you stay organized so that you’re never overwhelmed with studying again. But do know you are not able to skip the videos and in that case, it is integral to check out the methods that suggest how to skip edgenuity videos.

To know more about it, keep reading till the last. Here we are sharing all the details considering it for better understanding. Let’s get started!

Why Can’t You Skip the Videos in Edgenuity?

Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t feel comfortable enough to watch videos and that is understandable. But it has not been given the option to skip videos in order to make the website more accessible.

  • It could be for commercial purpose
  • It is adding revenues.

There are though ways to skip it even if the database of the system has a built-in page that doesn’t allow students to skip it. You can watch a video for longer and then be able to skip it when you want

Ways on How to Skip Videos on Edgenuity:

Skipping the videos on Edgenuity can be very important, but it also can’t be done without losing it & you’ll have to find another educational video to watch instead. Here are some of the most common ways you can accomplish this task.

1. Using the Note Tricks to Skip the Videos

You can easily skip the video by following the step mentioned by this easy formula.

    • First, you have to open notes
    • Now you have to write something on the notes
    • Now after you have written something on it, you have to tap outside of the text box
    • Now you have to keep clicking the backspace of the keyboard.
    • Now, this trick will easily help you choose the next video so go to the course menu.
    • Choose the video you want to watch by clicking next.

2. How to Skip Every Video in Ingenuity by Disconnecting the Network?

Select the video you want to watch from a list of videos and disconnect your network. Here are the ways:

  • First, you have to disconnect your network.
    1. Then you have to get out of the site.
    2. Now clear the ram.
    3. Clear the page too.
    4. Connect your internet with your device
    5. Go to the site again and let it load.
    6. All the videos will be gone and you can easily choose the one you want.
  • Use the pause section to make it work: Often, reviews are time-consuming because they have to review lengthy videos. Edgenuity has a system that makes you stay focused during the video. It also can be done automatically so you don’t miss out on anything important or exciting.

If you’d like to watch a video and not worry about watching for long, then your best bet is pausing it until that threshold is reached. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon on the right side of the screen and selecting “Pause time remaining.” When it reaches 100%, your timer will be removed.

Pausing and continuing the process is pretty easy. You can even skip the video altogether by doing it this way.

3. How to Skip Videos in Edgenuity Using Chrome to Speed up The Lecture?

The Edgenuity course has long courses and is slower than it should be. If you feel like this is an issue for you, then you can download an extension for the controller to speed up the gameplay. Extension “(website) controller speed up thumb” can be found from the website.

One of the best things about this Video Fastrack app is that it works seamlessly with any HTML5 videos. This controller will let you watch at a faster or slower speed depending on your preferences and download them from anywhere in the world using our video downloading features.


Watching online video courses can be a lot of work. It can leave you with the feeling that you are spending your time watching other people learn, rather than learning yourself. Additionally, without proper task management in place, it can feel like your return on investment is not worth the time

This is why we have provided you with ways in which you can easily click “next” on the video at Edgenuity.

Adrian Darrell