Top 5 Cleaning and Maintenance Logo Design of 2018

The cleaning and maintenance business is very competitive. A lot of new and established business are highly active in this field. For these companies, they use their business logos to attract clients and in the end turn them into loyal customers who will buy their products and services. A logo describes what the cleaning and maintenance company is all about its goals and visions. This is why a logo is considered essential in the cleaning and maintenance business.

Here are the five cleaning and maintenance logo designs you can use

Magic mops

This magic mop has a design of a magic mop to help it easily convey its message to the customers. The business wants to communicate to the people by including a broom in the logo design. The message that the broom conveys is that it will magically clean your environment. Also, the logo assures its customer’s high-quality services.

Shine naturally cleaning

Various colors are used when designing this logo. Though a lot of colors are used I this logo design, all the colors are in light shades. The colors represent happiness and joy after cleaning the surroundings. Ensure that you use colors in a wise way for them to convey the right emotions.

Clean office plus

Clean office plus is a company which offers cleaning and maintenance services to offices. The logo is designed with light colors which represent cleanliness in the office area. There’s also use of typeface in the logo design. The designer also makes use of sans serif fonts which portray a peaceful environment.

Gt carpet care

The company behind this logo specializes in carpet care and home maintenance services. The logo design has a vacuum cleaner which tells what the company is all about. The designers only use two colors white and blue in the logo.

Golden maids

Golden maids is another cleaning and maintenance company. In the logo, there is a picture of a maid cleaning. The picture represents maintenance and cleanliness. The logo uses interfaces such as fonts, colors, and images to relay the message to the customers.


These are some of the logos which are used by different cleaning and maintenance companies. You can learn several things from how the logos are designed. The logos have unique designs, and there is the use of colors, typefaces, and images for relaying a particular message to the clients.

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